Now you see me: The Second Act – Review

Going way way back to my days in college, I got to see the first Now You See Me with a friend. I took her for her birthday, we sat with some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and had our minds completely blown. That plot twist!?

For those of you that don’t know about the first Now You See Me it’s about a group of four magicians who may as well come under the modern day anti hero trope. Using spectacular tricks and illusions they managed to rob a bank from another country. And the best bit? We got to see how they did it, which I’m a real sucker for. Growing up as a kid who loved magic, this film was fantastic. It had a certain Oceans 11 feel to it.

So Now You See Me: The Second Act had some pretty big shoes to fill, I think.

It began very interestingly with the group in hiding, and with a clear missing cast member the (only) female cast member had to be replaced. While I love the ‘representation’ and all, I don’t particularly like women in rolls for unnecessary love plot lines. I just want to see cool magicians, not sub plots of romance and pining!

That being said, the film did redeem itself with a funny and lovable new character in the shape of Lizzy Caplan’s Lula May. While her entrance to the group was a little lackluster, she managed to perform to the bar that the three previous boys had already set. I think it’s safe to say she settled into the roll of replacement obligatory female character very well.

As well as this we got to see the remaining members of the Four Horsemen – Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson) and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco). Each carried their character well from the first film, which some films can fail to do. In fact, it was nice to see Jack grow as a character.

I did appreciate the new villain. In fact, all the villains of this franchise have been impressive. Very realistic people doing very bad things, like the insurance companies not paying out for people who need it. The new villain comes in the form of Daniel Radcliffe’s Walter Mabry, the son of Arthur Tressler who was behind the tight pocketed insurance company.

The film had some amazing cinematography and photography with it’s still and moving shots. The second movie really has improved by the first one, and the storyline progressed. Without giving away too much to the plot, there was a nice little twist at the end, except it didn’t have quite the grand reveal as the first film’s. That being said, the film ended without closing too many doors. There’s still room for a third film, but that all depends on how well it does with it’s second film.

I’d recommend it while it’s still in the cinemas, go and SEE it while you can.


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