Rocky Horror at Curve – Review

Back in my college days my first ever review was of the college drama kids performing a rocky horror/little shop of horrors mash up production. I remember writing it short and sweet for the college newspaper, and hand delivered it to all of my friends. I guess that’s where I started my love of reviewing, so it only seems fitting that I review the real deal right here on my new blog. From the first thing I ever reviewed, to the first review to go live on my brand new blog… it’s the Rocky Horror Picture Show


From a simple idea in the brain of Richard O’Brien, to cult classic that near enough everyone knows the name of, Rocky Horror Picture show is one of the most iconic movies ever. With original cast Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien and Patricia Quinn sitting back and handing over the reins, the newer generation of weird and wonderful actors have taken to the stage to step into the corsets of the great’s themselves.

An all new production of this classic show has arrived at Curve this week and diehard fans of the phenomena that is Rocky have poured in to watch the show for the millionth time. Sitting amongst other theatre goers you could almost play ‘count the Magentas’ as people in costume just kept coming. Men in fish net stockings and high heels struggling down the walkways to their seats really were a sight to see!

Curtains up and we are greeted by the usherette singing the famous ‘Science Fiction/Double Feature’ which had near enough everybody singing along to already, and we’re not even five minutes in yet!

The atmosphere of Rocky Horror is always fantastic, and Curve was no exception with the crowd happily getting involved in anything the show threw at them. When it came to the ‘Time Warp’ people were up on their feet and dancing along with the actors.

Norman Pace played the part of the narrator who bounced back and forth with an ‘audience member heckler’; a skit that was a little overplayed in my view. Despite this, Norman Pace managed to play the comedic roll very well.

Liam Tamne, playing the role of Frank-N-Furter, sang like an angel. Well, if angels were sexy demons in fish net stockings.I can safely say this is one of the first times I have seen an actor look like he was having fun while on stage! Playing homage to the brilliant Tim Curry, Liam filled those high heels perfectly.

Richard Meek and Diana Vickers as stereotypical ‘we-just-got-engaged-virgins’ really took on the characters well. Their voices were fantastic and really hit those high notes on other iconic songs such as ‘Dammit Janet’ and ‘Touch-a touch-atouch-a touch me’.

The highlight of the show had to be when the buff Rocky stepped on stage. Covered in glitter and in perfect physical form, I saw a lot of ladies wiping drool from their chins when he began to sing and dance! Dominic Andersen was a fantastic choice; he played the roll as a simplistic eye candy character and really fit the mould of Rocky.

Kristian Lavercombe as Riff Raff and Kay Murphy as Magenta worked so well together, shifting personas from the servants of the master to the aliens taking control as if it were nothing. They bounced off each other extremely well and tied up the performance nicely. With Sophie Linder-Lee as Columbia, the trio had their parts that showcased a small amount of their acting talent as well as the abundance of musical talent.

I walked into Curve last night as a casual fan of Rocky Horror, and came out a diehard fan. The electric atmosphere, the audience participation, and the sheer talent on stage that night solidified my love for the show. I would highly recommend seeing it should you get the chance!

Rocky Horror is at Curve theatre from Monday 4th to Saturday 9th of July, and tickets are still available! Get your heels and fish nets on, grab your glitter, and get down to the Curve while they’re still creating nights of horror.


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