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Stoke has been enchanted by The Enchanted Chandelier!

The hatred of being at the back of a concert or performance is something I think we’ve all experienced. The heads in the way, the poor audio, the bad visibility. We’ve all been there; we’ve all hated it. So what better way to enjoy an outdoor concert than to see it suspended in the air right above your very heads.

That’s right, Appetite have done it again, and this time they’ve brought in French company Transe Express to perform the Enchanted Chandelier. The show features several acrobats and musicians floating through the air, playing music on bells and drums in a very enchanting way.

I have to say, the show was pretty amazing. Sitting on the cold ground with a big jumper on, surrounded by families having picnics and wrapped in blankets, was a great way to spend the evening. The performers mingled with the crowds, using fire and light to their advantage in this night time extravaganza. They even got the crowds clapping and cheering, shouting responses when the performers asked them questions.

I like to think of them as ghosts, or even better – Phantoms. They drifted through the crowds far more gracefully than the drunken Frenchmen who came before, and lit fires like spirits and drifted between podiums. The artistic way in which they moved and worked with each other was well orchestrated, and fantastic to watch!

Once strapped into the big chandelier, the performers were lifted high above our heads as they started playing some simple, yet fanciful tunes. The music was perfectly balanced, a pleasure to listen to and enjoy. It almost triggered memories of music boxes and childhood imagination! I pictured a music box carousel, with little figures moving around when it was wound up tight. The fairy-tale music resonates with you even as you leave, a tune that sounds something like a lullaby or a child’s song. This sort of music is something you cannot find on iTunes, a real rarity among it’s kind.

The show really was fantastic, an absolute delight to watch. All I’d have to complain about was the cold! I really do hope those poor men and women had some good thermals on under those costumes! Especially those acrobats who danced and dangled so high up that it made your stomach turn just watching them.

As the music filled the open air, the chandelier was dipped and raised, expanded and brought back in, in spinning arrays of choreography. If machines could dance, then this would be the ballet of machinery. With the figures playing and dancing, spinning and twirling, the entire show went by in one big, enchanted evening.

True to the promises of the show, it really was a sight to see. It’s no wonder Transe Express have performed globally! The costumes were fantastic, the acting superb, and the crowds were clapping until their hands were raw.

What was a fantastic evening was short lived, unfortunately. The enchantment must move on! If Stoke is lucky enough to have Transe Express back with their amazing show, then get your tickets while you can!

Check out Appetite’s website here!


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