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017 Dancing Stoke-on-Trent into City of Culture 2021

This week dance troupes from all over Staffordshire and the West Midlands have come together to prove just how cultural Stoke-on-Trent really is. Kids from all over Staffordshire and beyond came together to show off their moves on stage at the Regent Theatre in Hanley, and had crowds of support for their efforts.


Last night was the last night of the show, and it featured dance troupes such as Defy Gravity Dance, Matrix Cheers, Liverpool Empire Youth Dance Company and Chameleon Youth.


Incredible dancing, cultural themes, and all around the world dance was exactly what you got in this fantastic show of skill. Dance styles like cheer and street were incredible, as well as pieces inspired by real life events such as the holocaust. A lot of these troupes performed so well that you couldn’t help but immerse yourself in the experience.


From all the fantastic dance performances I most enjoyed Liverpool Empire Youth Dance Company’s piece inspired by The Day of the Dead. It gave a very spiritual vibe to the entire theatre, who sat transfixed as these young people danced. With incredible emotion and versatile dance, these dancers are definitely set to go far in their careers.


Other dance troupes such as Oulala Cabaret, Stagecoach Stoke Performance Troupe, Wolstanton Dance Academy, Marye Humphrey’s school of dance, Urban Vibez Dance Studios and Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios gave incredible performances too. Dance from all over the world included tap, jazz and cheer, which the children and adults all performed wonderfully.


The skill level of these kids is incredible. Sitting as an audience member among hundreds of proud parents made you feel a part of the community. These little dancers were achieving something most of us could only dream to achieve! Little girls doing flips, older girls showing incredible flexibility, boys inspiring other boys into dance, you name it, it was there.


Stoke-on-Trent recently officially joined the bid alongside 11 other cities in the UK to become City of Culture 2021. For more information check out the bid website here, and follow them on twitter @SOT2021. Shows like 017 dance are incredibly important to helping us reach that bid, so show your support by tweeting about it, attending events, and taking lots of pictures!

Image provided by The Regent Theatre.


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