Horrifically brilliant and incredibly terrifying: A review of Circus of Horrors

A cringe-worthy, hide behind a pillow, fear fest awaits anyone brave enough to buy tickets to this show. Performing in multiple countries for well over twenty years, the Circus of Horrors has shocked, traumatised and entertained horror lovers since day one.

My friend and I had no idea that we would end up seeing a very naked man swinging a ball from his… well, from his balls. We innocently sat down, and came out completely different people. At least we made it to the end, however. Some people were so freaked out by the freak show that they had to leave halfway through.

Sitting as close to the stage as we were was probably not a good idea. Audience participation is a huge part of the show, as poor old Dan found out. This man was dragged on stage three or four times to partake in performances. He was tied to a bed, married to one of the girls, and even took grief from a clown. Dan really was a hero to put up with it all and still come away grinning.

Have you ever seen a show on TV where a man will swallow a sword, and you think – Hey, that’s obviously fake! The metal retracts into the handle! Boo! Well the Circus of Horrors proves you wrong. Stuntman Hannibal Hellmurto, a former German tax inspector turned sword swallower, takes sword swallowing to the next level by swallowing a sword on a chain. No handle for that sword to hide in, that sword was definitely in that mans body. Oh, and just to really freak you out he’ll swallow a lit neon tube, a huge sword with a firework sticking out of it, and even a chair leg.

Other acts included a girl who swung from the ceiling by her hair. Yes, her hair! I can’t help but wonder what shampoo she uses to make her hair so strong! Also worth a mention were the Voodoo warriors, four men who performed some incredible acrobatic displays. I had to look away for some of them, like limboing under a burning stick, just because they were so risky. Alongside these incredible stuntmen were four equally terrifying clown henchmen. When Rellik the klown comes on stage, he takes the audience’s attention while other clowns terrorise the audience… And they never see it coming.

Aside from the obvious fear factor that had me hiding behind the tall man in front of me, this show is one I can tick off my bucket list. From performing on Britain’s Got Talent, to performing in good old Stoke-on-Trent, Circus of Horrors is a risqué show for anyone that loves a good laugh and an even better scream.


Quotes of the evening:

“Awesome and terrifying and full of guts!”

“Sleeping with the light on tonight…”


Check out my previous interview with Doktor Haze here, and don’t forget to look at their tour schedule for the next week of their one stop tour on their website here. Next stop: the Pavillion in Weymouth on Tuesday 14 March. Book tickets by calling 01305 783 225.


Images provided for by Victoria Hall.


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